Doing Something First Versus Doing Something Right


It begins. While the world has been speculating about Apple’s iWatch project for years, we’re finally starting to get some tangible information. And if what’s being said is true — and I believe a lot of it is — we’re going to see Apple do what they do best: make the first-movers look like fools.

That’s not to say the iWatch1 will be a huge success — nothing is guaranteed, not even for Apple. And this device sounds quite a bit more ambitious than some of Apple’s previous endeavors in pure consumer electronics. But I do believe that when we do see the iWatch, all the comparable devices will seem decidedly amateur by comparison.

We see this over and over again. Apple is rarely the first-mover in a space. MP3 players, smartphones, tablets, etc. But when they do move, they do so with a product that is best situated to actually succeed in the market.

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